The Story Behind " God's Signature"

I found the information Ken shared about the day he captured the lightening strike during a storm over Ennis Lake. The sky was an electric pink color everyone who saw it remembered. Here is Ken's story in his own words.


The image is entitled "God's Signature".  It was captured on the land where I live and has an interesting story hence the title.

One late afternoon I was sitting on my sofa facing away from the picture window which, from the living room, overlooks the Madison Range.

Suddenly and quietly a voice with which I am very familiar sounded behind me. It was the voice of Creator, my partner and best friend.

The words were, "Pick up your camera and meet me on the porch." Without hesitation I followed the guidance and set sail for the deck out front.

Intuition told me to be ready and suddenly the lightening appeared. Two frames were fired at a point in the sky and God signed the photograph.


                                                            - Ken W. Hall